Monday, September 8, 2008

No Longer A Baby!!

Ryan is no longer a baby!! She has now turned two and just keeps on getting bigger and bigger! We love to hear all of the new words and sayings that she has learned. We always laugh when she is playing with her toys because she tells them to not hit, be nice, and stop it right now!! I wonder were she is learning all of those sayings?

This year Ryan got to celebrate her birthday on two seperate days! On her acutal birthday we took her to McDonald's to get her favorite Happy Meal! She loves the chicken nuggets and french fries, but her favorite part is that she gets to drink Sprite!! She loves to drink Sprite!

After McDonalds we went to Chuck E Cheese were we all got to play games! It was so fun to see Ryan get excited over certain things that we may find boring. She rode the bike ride about 10 times and thought it was the greatest!! We would ask her what she would like to do next and it seemed she would always go back to the bike. I am glad she enjoyed it!!