Monday, March 31, 2008

We Finally Did It!!!

We have finally joined the world of Blogging!! We love to look at every one's blogs and decided to take the plunge.

Happy belated Easter! We got to go to a super fun Easter Party at our friends house! Ryan did not understand the easter egg hunt, but picked up a couple of eggs.

But then Ryan found a egg on the tramp and decided she was done. All she wanted to do is jump! I think if she would have known what was in the eggs she would have looked for more. Our friends, Reed, Kathryn, and Brynley, are in the background. They were the fabulous hosts of this awesome party! We had a lot of fun! Thank you for a great time!

I know this picture is dark, but I was trying to get a picture of Ryan in her easter outfit! She was being so cute and kept posing and saying cheese!

We hope everyone had a wonderful easter!