Monday, October 27, 2008

Witch with me!

This year Halloween is turning out to be really fun because of Ryan. She loves to look at costumes and tell us which ones are scary guys and which ones are nice. Ryan is going to be a witch this year and keeps asking me "daddy be a witch with me?" I always tell her that she has to ask him. Well Darick's cute girlfriend has become Ryan's new best buddy and for the last couple of days she has been asking if "Shayla be a witch with me?" I guess Ryan really wants someone to be a 'nice' witch with her.

We also took her to a car wash here and they were doing a Tunnel of Terror wash to benefit the local food bank. Well we thought it would be fun to take Ryan through it as long as she sat on my lap she would be okay. I forgot she is scared normally of the car wash, so the whole time through the Tunnel of Terror she closed her eyes. It was so funny, but at the end we convinced her to open her eyes because Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Spongebob were there doing a little dance. Now she is always re-telling us the story of scary tunnel with silly Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Spongebob at the end. It is so fun to see her getting older and having fun getting ready for Halloween!