Sunday, May 27, 2012

What's in a Name?

I think naming a child is one of the hardest decisions to make! I am not good at making decisions and always stress about it for a long time! So we decided to ask Ryan and Mya what they would like to name their little brother.  So Ryan being silly would look at anything and say lets name him, "duck" or "pickle."  She would get the biggest kick out of it!
So Mya, not wanting to be out done by her sister, came up with a few names herself.  Forever it was Fiona from Shrek.  I had to explain to her that Fiona was a great name, just probably not a great one for a brother.  Well one day we let the girls watch Bedtime Stories and they just laughed and loved it! The very next day we went somewhere and Mya got the usual question asked of what are we naming our baby.  And out of the blue she replied "Skeeter Bronson!" Not just Skeeter, but the whole thing "Skeeter Bronson!" The lady looked at me surprised and Kirk and I just laughed! So from that point on his name was Skeeter to her!

Dax Kirk Pead was born on March 9th and has been such a great baby! Mya was a little bummed that it wasn't Skeeter, but she loved Dax instantly! He has been such a great baby and its so fun to have a boy around this crazy house! I just worry for him in the future! Our girls have already wanted to paint his finger nails and dress him up!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Getting Ready!

Our really good friends recently adopted there second baby and she is adorable!! But they made here room into this amazing room!! I loved it and still do love it!! So I stole their idea on what I wanted the babies room to look like. The previous owners had the room painted orange and white, not my favorite colors! So my wonderful husband put my plan into action and he created a AWESOME room for our newest member! Here are the before and after pictures!

Now all that's left is to get everything set up and decorated!!! 3 more weeks, WAHOO!!!

Good Job KIRK!! You did great!! Thank you Kat for letting us copy you!!!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Here is our cute little Alice in Wonderland & Mean Witch. Mya could not make up her mind on what she wanted to be, she would change her mind every hour. Finally we had her talked into the witch, but she had to make sure we knew she was a MEAN witch!!
Ryan and I found this costume last year at Target after the Holidays. It was so cute and lucky for me Ryan doesn't change her mind. She loved being Alice!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

When all is Quite

So for those of you with kids you know that if they are really quite, they are into something. Well Mya likes to wake up early and she usually wakes someone up or goes and play's with toys, but we can hear her.

One day Kirk woke up to this scene in the bathroom! Mya had opened one of the cabinets and found some makeup! Luckily it was not makeup I use, except for Halloween time! She made herself so beautiful! I especially love how she did not want to miss the eyebrows!

Doesn't she look pretty?

Hiking the Y

We went back to Utah in June to visit our family and friends and had so much fun! We stayed with our friends the Seamons for a few days and decided one night to hike the Y!

I was so impressed by Ryan and Brynley! Brynley hiked it the whole way by herself!!! It is not an easy hike, but Brynley really impressed me! Ryan did pretty good too. She had to be carried twice just up two hills and poor Reed carried her even though he was not feeling good!

Here are the three girls sitting at the top! It was so fun and we miss our friends so much!! Glad we can always go and visit them!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Getting to know Texas

Since moving to Texas we have decided to be major tourists and see the different things here! So on Saturday we decided to go to the old Log Cabins that show what life would have been like living here in the olden days. It may have not been very fun for the girls, so at least we can say we did it! Ryan was scared of going into the log cabins because they were very dark and a little spooky.

But everyone got a chance to ring the old school bell and Mya didn't want to stop! She loved it, maybe because it was noisy like her!

There was also a kids cabin that they could touch EVERYTHING!! Kid's dreams coming true! So we saw everything in that cabin & had lots of fun!

Ryan had fun finding the eggs in the chicken coupe and playing with the old toys.

Mya found this doll, the bed for it, and a rocking chair that was just her size! She LOVED it! She would have stayed and played for hours if we let her!

It was a fun to see something different!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mother's Day Blocks

I hope everyone had a wonderful mother's day! Nicole & I got our craft on and made these cute blocks for our mother's for mother's day! It was fun to do a craft! Thanks to Nicole for putting the fire under me to make this with her!
Now I have a huge list of crafts I want to make! Just got to get over my OCD of having everything perfect!!