Tuesday, June 16, 2009

California Fun!

Kirk had to go out of town for two weeks at the end of May for school. So I decided that I was not going to just stay at home with the two girls and try to remain sane! So we headed to my parents house!
We had so much fun! Mya and Cooper are just about the same size but, they are two months apart! They were so fun together and Mya was always trying to hold Cooper's hand!
Ryan always loves to visit her cousins, even though sometimes it is a love hate relationship! Ryan and Carter would play great and then all they would do is fight the next minute! I guess it is that stage they are in right now!
I just loved spending time with my sister and her kids, along with my parents and brother! It was beautiful weather in California and I wish I had brought it with me to Utah. I am getting sick of the rain!