Tuesday, July 19, 2011

When all is Quite

So for those of you with kids you know that if they are really quite, they are into something. Well Mya likes to wake up early and she usually wakes someone up or goes and play's with toys, but we can hear her.

One day Kirk woke up to this scene in the bathroom! Mya had opened one of the cabinets and found some makeup! Luckily it was not makeup I use, except for Halloween time! She made herself so beautiful! I especially love how she did not want to miss the eyebrows!

Doesn't she look pretty?

Hiking the Y

We went back to Utah in June to visit our family and friends and had so much fun! We stayed with our friends the Seamons for a few days and decided one night to hike the Y!

I was so impressed by Ryan and Brynley! Brynley hiked it the whole way by herself!!! It is not an easy hike, but Brynley really impressed me! Ryan did pretty good too. She had to be carried twice just up two hills and poor Reed carried her even though he was not feeling good!

Here are the three girls sitting at the top! It was so fun and we miss our friends so much!! Glad we can always go and visit them!!