Friday, January 16, 2009

Pokie-poke and 'itches'

We almost made it a week with Mya in our family without anything major happening. The day after Thanksgiving Ryan was playing with our keys on the calendar holder and one of the pictures fell and cut her below the eye. Luckily our AWESOME friends (Reed, Kat, and Brynley) were over and Reed just went and got his car and drove Kirk and Ryan to the ER, so I could stay home with Mya. Well they had to sedate her to put in stiches. So as she was still a little loopy, Ryan was saying and doing the funniest things. I saw her when they got home and it looked like my 2 year old was drunk. But she is healing nicely now and we are just working on keeping her scar well oiled and sunblocked so it will fade.

But now when I am doing something that she thinks I will get hurt doing or that she thinks is naughty, she will tell me "mom, do you want to go get pokie-poke and itches?" "Well then you need to be careful!" I just laugh when she tells me this! What a little mommie she is becoming!
Ryan also likes to retell the story to me and anyone else. I think on a daily basis I hear it about 3 times throughout the day. She always likes to talk about the "pokie-poke and itches."

Monday, January 12, 2009

New Addition!!

Mya Emily joined our family in November. She has brought so much joy to our house! Ryan at first did not know what to think of her and didn't even want to touch her. But now I have to keep a close eye on Ryan when Mya is in her seat.
We both think that Mya looks just like Ryan did when she was a baby, except she does not have as much hair and is not as chubby as Ryan was.
Mya is a great baby and we love watching her grow!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Long Delay

Sorry to everyone who checks my blog!! I have been busy the last couple of months and have not had time to update my blog. So please check back for some picture updates of everyone!!