Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Getting to know Texas

Since moving to Texas we have decided to be major tourists and see the different things here! So on Saturday we decided to go to the old Log Cabins that show what life would have been like living here in the olden days. It may have not been very fun for the girls, so at least we can say we did it! Ryan was scared of going into the log cabins because they were very dark and a little spooky.

But everyone got a chance to ring the old school bell and Mya didn't want to stop! She loved it, maybe because it was noisy like her!

There was also a kids cabin that they could touch EVERYTHING!! Kid's dreams coming true! So we saw everything in that cabin & had lots of fun!

Ryan had fun finding the eggs in the chicken coupe and playing with the old toys.

Mya found this doll, the bed for it, and a rocking chair that was just her size! She LOVED it! She would have stayed and played for hours if we let her!

It was a fun to see something different!

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KAT said...

What a fun little outing:) And i'm just melting over Myas' little pig tails..her hair has gotten so long and they are so cute cute and curly!! Miss ya